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The Washington Scholars Fellowship Program is a 8 to 10-week program aimed at helping the best and brightest future leaders begin a career in public policy. 

Washington Scholars Fellows will have the opportunity to: 


  • Get to know Washington DC as an insider

  • Gain hands-on experience within the public policy arena

  • Interact with high-ranking public officials

  • Attend educational workshops, youth leadership events, and/or conferences

  • Build relationships with the growing Washington Scholars Network via networking events, alumni mentoring, and social events

Past Program Events

  • Resume Workshop

  • Public Relations Training

  • Public Speaking Training

  • Leadership Lecture Series from guest speakers (Admirals, Generals, Academic Scholars, Government Officials, Lawyers and Corporate Executives)

  • United Nations Youth Assemblies

  • Tour of FBI Training Facilities

  • Tour of NTSB Training Facilities

  • Networking Events (Black Tie Events, National Conferences, WSFP Alumni)


Mentor Program

Fellows are also paired with WSFP Alumni that can help them adjust to life in DC. 

Veterans wishing to apply for Veteran Scholarships should note their rank in the application and they will be automatically considered for these scholarships. 

Age Limit
There is no age limit to apply. However, the program is aimed at juniors and seniors students in college, recent college graduates, and graduate students. 

Enrollment as a Prerequisite
One does not have to be enrolled in a college or university in order to be considered for the program. 

The program does not guarantee internship placements but does use the resources and partnerships established by the WSFP Network and helps place accepted applicants. 
The responsibility of obtaining an internship will still be that of the accepted applicant. 

Washington Scholars Fellowship Program is run entirely by an all-volunteer staff composed of past graduates of the program. The expectation upon completing the program for the Fellows is that they will give back their time to help run the program for future Fellows. 

College Credit
In addition to the aesthetic benefits, many colleges may actually award Scholars college credit for the work they do in Washington DC. Unfortunately, as each college is different, there is no set guideline to help obtain college credit for your time. However, in the past, WSFP has put Scholars in touch with their supervisor in DC before they actually arrive, and the supervisor has put together a letter to the department chair of the college. This letter addresses the various functions that each Scholar can expect to perform. Afterwards, your department chair will make the decision on how much credit to award Scholars, or might make suggestions for an extra project.



Frequently Asked Questions