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The mission of the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program is to provide opportunities for future leaders in public service and build a network to support and assist former and future Fellows in their careers.

Our Mission

Opportunities at Your Fingertips

Get to Know Inside Washington 

Scholars will be able to experience the real world experiences of government, in action, at numerous locations in Washington D.C. Opportunities to attend lectures and functions with dignitaries, Congressmen, Senators, Judges and Administration Officials are numerous and a great chance to do some networking. Scholars also become well acquainted with the Supreme Court, the Capitol Building and have the opportunity to attend events at the White House, Pentagon or even travel to conventions across the country. 

Networking Opportunities 

There are many exciting benefits which come from being a Scholar in Washington, DC. One could expect to gain an intimate level of understanding in how our government works, as well as how to gain a foothold in a political or government career. Many Washington Scholar interns go on to law school while others obtain jobs at think tanks, government administration, or even on Capitol Hill upon the completion of the Fellowship. Those who take advantage of networking while in DC will establish valuable connections which may come in handy, later on. Recent graduates thinking about a career in government will find the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program a great stepping stone on their career path. 

College Credit 

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, many colleges may award the Washington Scholars college credit for the work they do in the Fellowship Program. Unfortunately, as each college is different, there is no set guideline to help obtain college credit for your time and effort. However, in the past, WSFP has put Scholars in touch with their supervisor in DC before they actually arrive, and the supervisor has put together a letter to the department chair of the college. This letter addresses the various functions that each Scholar can expect to perform. Afterwards, your department chair will make the decision on how much credit to award Scholars, or might make suggestions for an extra project.